Missions and Rural support initiative (MARSI) in collaboration with Christian broadcasting network provided potable drinking water for Gbalu village. MARSI visited the area and discovered that the water they were drinking was not good for their health Missions and Rural support initiative (MARSI) saw the need to help provide potable drinking water to the village and took the challenge to do something about it in partnership with Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) the good drinking water was provided. The diseases that associate with this bad water stopped, the people in the area can now have access to clean water.

The people were also taught personal hygiene and sanitation; awareness was created in the area. Provision of potable drinking water to Gumel Kachia L.G Kaduna State.

Clean water was provided by Mission & Rural Support Initiative (MARSI) in collaboration with Australian high commission; MARSI was there for a medical mission and was confronted with issues of water. The people of this area can travel for a long distance to get water for drinking.

MARSI now saw the need to assist in the area of water provision and Australian high commission was contacted for collaboration and water was provided to the area, now the people can no longer trek to long distance to get water for drinking. We thank the Australian high commission in Nigeria for the support.

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