Marsi Specialist Hospital

Marsi Specialist Hospital is aimed at meeting the health needs of the various communities around, and not only them especially missionaries and their families; and it will serve as a major base for our medical outreaches.


There shall be provision for Accident/Emergency to handle emergencies where necessary, and it shall be equipped with state of the art equipment to serve the need of the patients.


Consulting rooms will be provided with wards for admissions. This will take care of critical cases and people coming from afar.

Theater Room

There shall be theater where surgical operations will be conducted with state of the art modern equipment with well qualified doctors.


Ambulance will be on standby for emergency cases. The ambulance shall have state or the art medical equipment including oxygen as required by medical practice.

Medical Team

We care about your health that is why we are doing everything possible to get to you with our expert team.

Fast Response

Our team of experts responds fast without delay as saving lives is our priority.

First Aid

We took into consideration many who have no access to medical care and as such are ready to provide first aid services where such cases may arise.